PHP 5.6 Upgrade – 11 September

As per our previous announcement, we have upgraded PHP on all servers to version 5.6 today.

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WWW-28 Email Delays – 4 September

The server experienced a problem with delayed email deliveries earlier today.

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PHP 5.6 is coming

PHP 5.4 is reached its end of life with no further security updates to be published after September. With this, we will be upgrading our PHP instances to version 5.6 on 11 September.

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WWW-25 MySQL unresponsive – 4 January

After an outage of about five minutes, we have restored the MySQL service on WWW-28.

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Emergency Maintenance of all Linux Servers – 28 January

A significant Linux vulnerability that affects most Linux servers was announced yesterday. We are currently systematically patching and rebooting all our Linux servers in the next few hours to address the vulnerability.

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