Hello PHP 7.2, good bye PHP 5.6

We are pleased to confirm that PHP 7.2 is now available as an option on all our servers. We are also sad (not really) to be wave good bye to PHP 5.6.

PHP 7.2 general availability

PHP version 7.2 is now stable and with the recent release of a compatible version of IonCube, we are making it available on all our servers.

We will soon be making it the default PHP version for hosting accounts. In the meantime, if you wish to use PHP 7.2 on your website, use the MultiPHP Manager function in cPanel.

IonCube general availability

The IonCube decoder (frequently used for license protection by vendors) was previously available only up to PHP version 7.0. With the release of IonCube 10.1, we are now able to offer IonCube on all the hosted versions of PHP.

PHP 5.6 end of life

As announced a year ago, PHP 5.6 is currently receiving security patches only. And even this is lagging behind behind updates for newer version of PHP. We will remove PHP 5.6 on 1 June 1 September.

PHP 5.6 was a great version, has served us well, but it is time to say good bye to it. If your website is still using PHP 5.6, you recommend your upgrade the PHP version of your website before that date or else it will automatically be upgraded to the default version for the server. (An automatic upgrade may not be what you want, especially if you are using older web applications that are not ready for the latest PHP language constructs.) To set a different version of PHP for your website, use the MultiPHP Manager function in cPanel.

Wil your website work with PHP 7.2?

If your website uses WordPress, Joomla or other popular content management system, if that system is up to date with the latest version, and if all the plugins/extensions are up to date, then your website should work fine with this latest version of PHP. But still do check on the respective plugin/extension developers for compatibility, and perform some testing yourself.

If your website us custom PHP code, do check with the your web developer. Switching to a new PHP version may not be a simple affair.

And if you are not using any PHP at all, then there is obviously nothing to be concerned about.

Important dates

Date Change Default version Comment Status
3 April PHP 7.2 available PHP 7.1 To use PHP 7.2, use the MultiPHP Manager function in cPanel Completed
1 May PHP 7.2 the default version PHP 7.2 Automatic upgrade for all websites using the server default setting Completed
23 May Switch PHP 5.6 installations to PHP 7.2 PHP 7.2 PHP 5.6 will remain available as a selection in cPanel until 1 June Completed
1 June
1 September
PHP 5.6 no longer available PHP 7.2 PHP 5.6 no longer available Completed


Update 29 May

In spite of our efforts to get the word out, several of our clients have been caught unawares with the pending retirement of PHP 5.6. We do not want to pull the ruck from under anybody, and have decided to keep PHP 5.6 around for another three months until 1 September. This should give affected the affected clients ample opportunity to get their website ready for latest PHP 7.2.