Meet your new best friend!

We are please to announce the available of JetBackup on all our servers.

JetBackup is a powerful and highly efficient replacement for the backup functionality that ships with cPanel. It provides a ton of functionality in your hands, and it does this without overwhelming the server at any time.

You can restore things yourself
In cPanel, you will now find the following backup and restore options:

  • Full account backups: All files, mailboxes, databases, everything.
  • File backups: All files in your account.
  • Cron jobs backups: Any scheduled tasks you may have set up.
  • DNS zone backups: DNS entries for your domains.
  • Database backups: Your MySQL databases (not applicable to our Basic hosting plan).
  • Email backups: Your mailboxes.

When viewing any of the above backups, you will have the option to restore. You can view the progress of the restore process in the queue.

A very useful option is the ability to take a snapshot of your account. You can do this before major changes to your website and know that (if something goes wrong) you can roll back to the snapshot at the click of a button. Snapshots are automatically deleted from the server after seven days so that they don’t take up precious space.

Using JetBackup
Log in to your cPanel and use the JetBackup function in the Files section. Check out the JetBackup documentation for full details.

Reseller superpowers
For our resellers, there are some awesome awsomeness too. Head over to the JetBackup page (under Plugins), and then manage the backups for your client accounts. No need to contact us anymore to have backups restored.

Data security
We are encrypting and storing all backup sets on Amazon Web Services. Backup sets can only be accessed and unpacked by the JetBackup software on our servers. Your data is secure on a very reliability medium.

At time of writing, we were still seeding the backup sets. It will take four weeks to build up all the incremental backup sets; you will notice that the selection of backup sets will steadily increase to four (two “daily” sets and two “weekly” sets). Until then, we will keep the backup sets we previously made the old cPanel way in case you need something restored.