New ORG.ZA registry is live

The new ORG.ZA domain registry is now live, and we are accepting new domain registrations and transfers again.

The new ORG.ZA uses the same Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) system employed by CO.ZA domains. The changes from the legacy registry to the new EPP registry has the following implications:

  • New registrations are now open to all (non-profit status was required in recent years)
  • New registrations are now available for a period of between one year and ten years (previously there was no specific expiry date).
  • Registration fees now apply in all cases (previously non-profit organisations could apply for exception).
  • Domain updates in the new EPP registry is easy via the Anno Client Portal (previously special email templates had to be used).
  • Existing domains can no longer be updated while still residing in the legacy registry; a transfer to the new EPP registry must be performed first.
  • When an existing domain is transferred to the new EPP registry, the date of transfer will become its anniversary date. The first renewal will be required twelve months later.

Existing domains may be left in the legacy registry, in which case no renewal fees will be charged (the regular may change this though) but also no updates will be possible. We consider this impractical and thus not an option.

We will commence with transferring our clients’ existing ORG.ZA domains over the next two weeks.

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