Anno Internet provides a fast and reliable web hosting service. To make this possible, we have selected prime locations in the North America and South Africa to house our web servers.

Data centresPlugged in to performance

We host client websites in world-class facilities that offer multiple internet backbones for speed and redundancy:

  • Dallas, USA: Carrier -1 ( hosts the core group of our Linux servers with cPanel. The TierPoint Dallas data center has been hosting servers since 2000.
  • Cape Town, South Africa: Xneelo (formerly Hetzner) ( provides server hardware for our second group of Linux servers with cPanel. Xneelo is the one of the largest hosting service providers in Southern Africa.

Data safeguarding

All our servers have hardware RAID arrays to guard against hard drive failure. Each server backs up its data to a secondary hard drive on a daily basis, and a snapshot is mirrored off-server once a week. In the case of catastrophic hardware failure (we have had a few over the years), we are able to recover with zero or minimal data loss.

DNS redundancy

Anno Internet has redundant and geographically separated name servers that reside in London, UK, New Jersey, USA, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Server monitoring

We have multi-channel monitoring of all web and mail servers. Even if something goes wrong in the middle of the night (nothing is perfect) we are alerted and respond immediately. Our clients know that we understand how important the reliability of their website and email services are.