Server WWW-27 Replacement – 1 to 10 September

We have completed the replacement of Linux server WWW-27. The migration completed smoothly and the new server is firing on all of its many shiny cylinders.

The current server has served us reliably for nearly three years, bringing it close to it replacement. Unexpected performance issues in recent weeks has prompted us to move this step forward. Over the course of the next week, we will be performing an urgent (but not panicked) replacement of the server.

We plan to migrate all hosting accounts to the new server between Friday 1 September and Sunday 10 September. With the majority of the sites on the server belonging to South African clients, we will perform the migration during the South African night time.

There may be some interruption of service; we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. But hopefully we do this so well that you do not even notice.

Changes needed on your side:
We will migrate everything (your website, any databases and mailboxes) to the new server; no action is required from your side. Logins will remain the same, except those using the server hostname (see below).

The hostname of the new server will be different: (old server is If you have bookmarked your cPanel, Web Host Manager or Webmail login using the server hostname, then you will need to update the bookmarks with the new server hostname. But even better, avoid the issue by using your domain name instead for browser bookmarks, e.g. or

Hosting IP addresses will change. We will do our best to ensure that all custom DNS entries survive the migration, but manual adjustments may be necessary. If any of your domains use custom DNS records, please make notes of the details in case adjustment is needed.

Migration status updates:
We will post migration status updates on this page (scroll down).

Questions or problems?
We do not anticipate any problems after the migration. but please do report any problems without hesitation.

Update Tuesday 23:15 GMT
New server is ready and healthy. We will shortly be performing an advance transfer (on special client request) of a group of websites.

Update Friday 18:00 GMT
Migration is in progress.

Update Saturday 05:15 GMT
We are about 75% complete; it’s been smooth going. We are pausing migration and will resume again Saturday evening.

Update Saturday 17:00 GMT
We will resume migration shortly.

Update Sunday 00:03 GMT
We have substantially completed the migration to the new server. There were no major problems and the process completed a sooner than we had hoped. A couple small loose ends still need tidying up, and we will deal with that in coming days.

Note: If you are seeing a “TRIAL LICENSE” notice when logged in to cPanel, rest assured that this is in order. We are using a trial license during the migration period and will transfer the actual license once the process is fully complete.

If you are experiencing any problems with your website or email, please contact us.

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  1. Tim Groenewald
    Tim Groenewald 8 September 2017 at 08:11 |

    Hi Stephen. I tried to log in as suggested above but I end up at Sanderson IT not Sanderson Special Steels. Please assist

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