Time to change that Facebook password

Facebook has been a news a lot recently around privacy and security concerns. This week brought another big blow to the two billion Facebook users around the world.

Security researchers found a way to infiltrate not only Facebook accounts, but also third-party services that allow single sign-in via Facebook. And as always, it would appear that users that re-use passwords are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. The number of exploited accounts is not currently known (Facebook would like you to think nobody’s account has been hacked), but the number of 50 million has been mentioned.

LifeHacker has a balanced report on the issue that is worth a read: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-protect-yourself-after-facebooks-recent-hack-1829490273

Our advice:

  • Change your Facebook password immediately.
  • If you use the same password (as on Facebook), then change those passwords too. Immediately.
  • Stop using re-using the same password. Instead, set a unique password for every online service you use. This is increasingly urgent.
  • Get password management software such as KeePass to help manage the myriad of passwords you have accumulated. You are not Bobby Fischer; get a tool to help you.