My website is feeling blue!

No, this is not a reference to feelings of depression, but rather the recent blue look of websites everywhere…

In a combined initiative of Google and Microsoft, Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome and Edge recently got a make-over of the form elements. They put in a lot of work to improve consistency, but unfortunately for some website owners left quite a mess — several controls now have a specific blue appearance that may not match the colour theme of your website.

The new design specification is indeed more consistent and generally pleasing to the eye. But the forced blue elements will most definitely not sit well with everybody.

Here are a couple of examples. Note that this is a vanilla HTML code with no colour specified; the form controls just come out blue by default!

Radio button

Currently, there seems to be no way (at least not a straight-forward) one to override this behaviour with CSS. It thus seems like many a web designer will be scrambling to update website themes.

Here is a discussion on the new design scheme with some examples: Chromium Blog

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