Secure your valuables!

Two-Factor Authentication protects your privacy, billing, domain registrations and web hosting services.

Imagine your password leaks to the bad guys — maybe a virus on your computer, or some other cause of trouble. Now imagine the bad guys log in to your cPanel and gain access to your maiboxes or databases. Or imagine them logging in to your account in our Client Portal and taking over your domain registrations. Gosh, that will be pretty bad for business. But there is a simple solution…

You can add an additional layer of security to your business with Anno by enabling Two-Factor AuthenticationAvailable for several months for cPanel, we are pleased to announce that Two-Factor Authentication is now also available for your Client Portal account. Simply log in to cPanel or our Client Portal, and follow the prompt to enable it.

With Time Based Tokens, you will be asked to enter a six-digit code that is randomly generated by any compatible. Compatible mobile apps include Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Security, 1Password, LastPass and more. Our favourite is Authy, which allows you to use multiple devices, including your computer.