Let’s Encrypt – Digital certificates for everyone!

A while back, Let’s Encrypt launched an initiative for free TSL certificates. This is part of a growing movement to secure the Internet and protect people’s privacy. Let’s Encrypt certificates have now arrived on Anno hosting plans.

Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by several big players on the Internet: Google, Cisco, Akamai, Mozilla, the list goes on. The system uses a very clever mechanism for automatic verification of domain ownership, thereby guaranteeing a basic level of trust. The logic of requesting and installing a certificate is now nicely wrapped in a function in cPanel called (wait for it…) Let’s Encrypt SSL. A digital certificate is now literally a click away.

To install a certificate for your website, simply log in to cPanel, go to the Let’s Encrypt SSL function and issue a certificate. The certificate can also secure your POP/IMAP/SMTP connection with our server.

Lets’ Encrypt certificates have a three-month lifetime; cPanel will automatically renew it for you a few weeks before the date.


  • A certificate can only be issued if you host your website on an Anno server. If you are using a third-party builder service such as Wix or Blogger, then you are out of luck.
  • The certificate can secure your email login if you host your email on an Anno server. If you are using a third-party email service such as Google or Microsoft, then check with that provider for security.
  • Not all good things in life are free, but in this case it is!

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