MySQL Service Upgrade Issue – 1 July

This morning, the scheduled cPanel version update left the MySQL service in a broken state on many of our servers. We have rolled back to the previous MySQL version and all services are back to normal.

The cPanel team has confirmed an upstream issue with MySQL 8.0.38:

This kind of error during upgrade is quite unusual. Nevertheless, we regret the inconvenience caused.

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  1. Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar 12 July 2024 at 21:12 | | Reply

    yum downgrade mysql-community*
    This system is receiving updates from CloudLinux Network server.
    Last metadata expiration check: 0:20:24 ago on Sat 13 Jul 2024 02:21:26 AM IST.
    Packages for argument mysql-community* available, but not installed.
    Error: No packages marked for downgrade.

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