New ways to contact us

We are changing our communication channels…

Instant messaging

In addition to Skype (that has been there for many years), you can now also reach us on WhatsApp. Outside of business hours, please leave a message so that we can get back to you.

  • Skype user
  • Whatsapp number +1-778-557-6132 (chat only)

No more phone support

We are completely phasing out telephone support. The reasons for this are numerous. We have seen a dramatic drop off in the number of phone calls in recent years, with nearly all incoming calls nowadays being spam (and there is a disconcerting volume of that). When we do get the odd support phone call, it is often difficult to troubleshoot without reverting to email or remote assistance (TeamViewer) in any case. In additional, everyone is connected these days, making instant messaging a more desirable alternative.

For a full list of contact options, please see our Contact Us page.