Reseller Hosting

Anno Reseller Base Layer

The perfect solution for hosting providers, web designers that host many client websites, and for corporations with complex hosting needs.

This service is provided on a server in Dallas, USA. An identical service is available in Cape Town, South Africa (select above).


Yes, layered like onions. Host as many websites as you want in the base layer, and add extra layers as needed to increase your alloted disk space and bandwidth:

  • The base layer includes all the tools and features you need. It comes with 50 GB disk space1 for hosting and a 500 GB (Dallas) or 200 GB (Cape Town) monthly bandwidth2 allowance. Create up to 50 hosting accounts (websites with or without sub-websites).
  • Increase the size of your reseller service by adding extra layers. Each extra layer adds 50 GB disk space, 500 GB (Dallas) or 200 GB (Cape Town) more bandwidth, and another 50 hosting accounts.
  • The price of each extra layer is 75% of the price of the base layer.

Breathe, relax, and grow your hosting service with Anno as your business grows.

Note1: The following counts to disk space used:

  • Website files
  • Email stored in mailboxes
  • MySQL databases

Note2: Bandwidth constitutes all traffic in and out of the server relating to the hosting domains:

  • Website traffic
  • FTP uploads and downloads
  • Email delivered to, downloaded from, and sent through the server

It's easy!

It's all quite easy with the best tools available:

  • Use Web Hosting Manager (WHM) to create and manage hosting accounts.
  • Each hosting account has a cPanel login for managing the detailed configuration aspects such as email and MySQL databases

For more information on WHM and cPanel, see

Build your brand

Our reseller service is a white-label service, meaning that Anno Internet is not visible to your clients. As a reseller, you have unrestricted access to our cluster of name servers that are labeled As an upgrade option, you can have branded name servers such as And by the way, our name server cluster is geographically separated for redundancy and fast world-wide access.

Domain registration

We would welcome it if you manage your domains through us as well, but feel free to use another registrar. Our domain registration fees are quite reasonable and managing domain contact information and name servers is a peace of cake through our Client Portal.

Location, location...

We provide an identical service on servers located in Dallas, USA, and in Cape Town, South Africa. Depending on your audience, one of the locations may be more suitable than the other.

Server description
  • CentOS Linux Operating system
  • quad and better CPU cores
  • yes RAID hard disk array
  • yes Dallas server option
  • yes Cape Town server option
  • 50 GB Disk space for website, databases, and mailboxes included in base layer
  • 200 GB Monthly bandwidth in base layer
  • 50 Hosting accounts (website with or without sub-websites)
  • 50 GB Disk space added by each extra layer
  • 200 GB Bandwidth added by each extra layer
  • 50 Hosting accounts added by each extra layer
Account Access
  • yes Web Host Manager control panel
  • yes cPanel control panel for clients
  • no limit FTP users
  • yes FTP over TLS (secure FTP)
  • yes SSH File Transfer
  • yes Downloadable backups
  • yes Weekly off-server backups
  • no limit POP/IMAP mailboxes
  • no limit Email forwarders
  • yes Email autoresponders
  • yes SpamAssissin spam filter
  • yes Anti-virus filter
  • yes IMAP support for smartphones and tablets
  • yes Webmail (email in web browser)
  • 50 per layer Hosting accounts
  • no limit Additional (add-on) websites per hosting account
  • no limit Parked domains per hosting account
  • add-on SSL secure pages
  • yes PHP support
  • yes IonCube Loader support
  • yes AWStats website statistics
Web Applications
  • yes Installatron App Installer
  • no limit MySQL databases
  • yes SQLite database support
  • yes White-label name servers
  • add-on Branded name servers