Registry change for ORG.ZA

Major changes are coming to ORG.ZA domains. Until now, the ORG.ZA space was administered by Internet Solutions, registrations were limited to non-profit organisations, and there were no annual renewal fees. Domain updates used a email system with a complicated email template. All of this is changing soon…

Starting August, ORG.ZA domains will be overseen by the ZA Central Registry (ZACR), registration will be open to all, and all registrations and changes will be made through accredited registrars. There will also be annual renewal fees.

Here is how we manage this change for our clients with ORG.ZA domains:

  • August will be the Sunrise and Land Rush period for the new ORG.ZA platform. During this period registration fees will be quite high and the application process somewhat cumbersome. We are choosing to not process any ORG.ZA applications during this time.
  • General availability will commence in September, at which time we will work with clients to transfer their existing ORG.ZA domains into the new registry. Once transfer has completed, clients will be able to manage domain owner contact information and name servers through our Client Portal.
  • The date of transfer into the new registry will signify the new annual renewal date for each ORG.ZA domain. This means that a domain will require renewal annually starting September 2015.

The annual renewal fee for ORG.ZA is pegged at the same level as for .CO.ZA domains. Renewals through Anno costs R 70 per year.

We hope for a smooth transition to the new registry. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them below.