WWW-26 Server Replacement – 23 and 24 October

We will replace Linux server WWW-26 shortly, with site migration occurring on Thursday through Saturday. The current server has served us reliably for nearly three years, but a recent problem with the integrity of the RAID array cannot be fixed without major service disruption. For the sake of continued reliability, we will be replacing the server with brand new hardware later this week. We plan to migrate all hosting accounts to the new server on Thursday and Friday. With the vast majority of the sites on the server belonging to South African clients, we will perform the migration during the South African night time.

We will migrate all services (websites, databases, and email) over to the new server in blocks of IP addresses. There may be some interruption of service; we apologise for any inconvenience this my cause. Rest assured that we will take utmost care to ensure everything works perfectly the following morning.

Maintenance window:
We are grouping the transfers in blocks of IP addresses.

Thursday Group:
IP addresses starting with:

Thursday 21:00 to Friday 06:00 SAST
Thursday 19:00 to Friday 04:00 GMT
Thursday 15:00 to 24:00 EDT
Thursday 12:00 to 21:00 PDT

Friday Group:
IP addresses starting with:

Friday 18:00 to Saturday 06:00 SAST
Friday 16:00 to Saturday 04:00 GMT
Friday 12:00 to 24:00 EDT
Friday 09:00 to 21:00 PDT

Changes needed on your side:

Given that we are migrating the IP addresses over to the new server, no DNS updates will be a required. IP address assignments and login details will remain unchanged from the current. The hostname of the new server will be different: www-28.i-svr.net (old server is www-26.i-svr.net). If you or your clients have bookmarked (in your web browser) your cPanel, Web Host Manager or Webmail login using the server hostname, then you will need to update the bookmarks with the new server hostname.

Progress Updates:
We will post periodic updates on the migration on this page.

Update Thursday 19:30 GMT
We have started the migration.
Currently processing IP range 208.43.28.* Done

Update Thursday 20:05 GMT
Processing IP range 174.37.95.* (lots of sites; will take a while) Done

Update Thursday 22:05 GMT
Server WWW-26 was completely inaccessible for the past hour while we tried to resolve an issue with IP address reassignment. We rebooted the server, at which it decided it’s time to run a filesystem check. It should be done in a couple minutes. The outage was completely unintentional, sorry.

Update Friday 01:46 GMT
We had a couple of setbacks, but things are on track again. The filesystem check for WWW-26 showed errors, but in the interest if getting this migration done we did not continue with the fix (it would take the server offline for hours). And then the re-routing of the first 208.43.28.* subnet ran into trouble. It took more than an hour of for the network guys to figure out that they had the subnet configured in both the old and new server’v virtual LANs.

The network has been sorted an we now know what to look out for with the next routings. The only concern is the integrity of the hard drives on WWW-26. We pray it all goes well.

Update Friday 03:30 GMT
Subnet 208.43.193.* in process and almost complete. Done

Update Friday 03:55 GMT
We are waiting for one last subnet to re-route; should be done in a few minutes. We have migrated all the scheduled sites except those on 208.43.16.*, which we will now include with the Friday night group. This concludes this phase of the migration.

Update Friday 16:20 GMT
We are resuming migration to the new server.
Transfer of subnet 75.126.145.* in progress. Done

Update Friday 17:45 GMT
Processing 208.43.16.* Done

Update Friday 20:25 GMT
There was a delay with the network re-assignment for 75.126.145.*, but that has been resolved. We are almost done with the transfer of the websites on the 67.228.181.* subnet.

Update Friday 21:45 GMT
Still awaiting re-routing of the 67.228.181.* subnet. Websites on that subnet is down at the moment. Frustrating!
Transfer of sites on subnet 67.228.187.* is now in progress. Lost of them; will take a while.

Update Friday 22:25 GMT
Still awaiting re-routing of the 67.228.181.* subnet. Beyond frustrating! Done
Have requested re-routing of 67.228.187.* subnet. Websites will be inaccessible until this is done. Done.

Update Friday 22:45 GTM
The migration is now complete. We tried to have the new environment identical to the old one to ensure a smooth transition, but problems are of course possible. Please open a support ticket if you encounter any issues.