Server WWW-29 RAID Maintenance – 13 May

One of the hard drives in the RAID array on Linux server WWW-29 is failing. We have requested emergency maintenance by data centre technicians to replace the drive immediately.

Original report 04:30 GMT
We have requested replacement of the faulty hard drive.

Update 04:37 GMT
The server will go offline shortly for replacing the faulty hard drive. We expect the server to be back online by about 05:00 GMT. Server performance may be bit sluggish initially while the RAID array rebuilds.

Update 05:12 GMT
The hard drive for local backups is reporting failure too. Technician continues to work on the server.

Update 05:32 GMT
This is taking much longer than anticipated… We are well aware that the South African business day is about to start, and regret the inconvenience. Rest assured that we have capable hands at the server and that the issue will be addressed as soon as humanly possible.

Update 06:06 GMT
Server is back online. The RAID mirror is in the process of rebuilding, which may cause slight sluggishness in performance for the next hour or so. Other than that, all is back to normal. We will continue monitoring from this side.

Update 16:30 GMT
The RAID array has rebuilt and the array is performing optimal. We replaced the hard drive used for local server backups as well, and will re-seed the server backups this evening. Replacing the drive is an inconvenience, not a crisis — we have off-server backups available in the case needed.