TelkomSA email delivery problems – 3 December

Telkom email service is on the blink again. It seems like a similar situation to the one in June when incoming messages could not deliver to addresses, leading to long delays.

There is nothing we can do from our side to correct the problem; this is something that Telkom has to fix on their side. Rest assured that messages will are queued on our servers and delivery will periodically retry automatically.

Update 4 November 03:00 UTC
Telkom is still working on an apparent failure of their email cluster. We are still queuing outgoing email. However, given the extended duration of this problem, older messages in our queue will start to expire soon and bounce back to senders.

Update 4 November 17:00 UTC
We have seen some deliveries to the TelkomSA mail server but currently “queue is full” errors. It would thus appear as if their system is online again, but struggling to handle the backlog.

Update 4 November 18:30 UTC
Delivery to TelkomSA seems normal again.