TelkomSA email delivery problems – 22 June

We are aware that outgoing email messages to @telkomsa.net has been failing all day. It appears as if TelkomSA is experiencing problems and perhaps struggling to get things back on line. Rest assured that messages will are queued on our servers and delivery will periodically retry automatically.

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The Hetzner hack – 2 November

Hetzner South Africa acknowledged on 1 November that their customer database was compromised. We have received inquiries from clients with concerns that their services may be at risk.

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One less password to remember!

Starting today, you can log in to the Anno Client Portal using your Google or Twitter login.

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Is your password safe?

In recent months, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of instances of compromised mailboxes. The bad guys use computer viruses and social engineering to steal users’ sensitive information. The next thing you know they have access to your mailbox and using it to send spam and malicious email. And sometimes they do […]

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Server WWW-29 Compromise – 18 September

A WordPress website hosted on our server WWW-29 was hacked on 16 September. We found evidence that the attacker used a PHP shell script to assemble a collection configuration files for other websites (mainly WordPress and Joomla installations). These configuration files contain MySQL database credentials for the said websites.

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