Server WWW-29 offline – 8 July

Server WWW-29 is Dallas experienced a failed hard drive earlier today. After some downtime, the server is back in service again.

Original report 16:08 UTC
Server has become sluggish with high memory usage. Restarting of MySQL service is failing; proceeding to reboot the server.

Update 16:35 UTC
Reboot is stalling; likely a file system check prompt. We are awaiting assistance from the data centre technician to bring the server back online.

Update 16:49 UTC
It seems like we are dealing with a problem with the RAID array, possibly a faulty hard drive. Please bear with us while we continue working on the problem.

Update 17:35 UTC
Faulty hard drive is confirmed. Server is currently online, but data centre technician will take it offline again shortly to replace the faulty drive.

Update 17:48 UTC
Server is currently offline while the technician is replacing the faulty hard drive.

Update 18:34 UTC
The data centre replaced the faulty hard drive, and the RAID array is rebuilding in the background. The server access speed will be slightly degraded for the ±12 hours while the rebuilding continues.