Server WWW-30 Replacement – 8 to 10 August

We will be replacing the Linux server WWW-30 soon. After three years of faithful service (and a few minor hiccups) in the Cape Town data centre, it is time to put the old hardware to rest and switch to brand new (and faster) server hardware.

We plan to migrate all hosting accounts to the new hardware between Friday 7 and Sunday 9 August. With the majority of the sites on the server belonging to South African clients, we will start the migration on Friday evening South African time. Migration will continue into the weekend and we expect to have the bulk of the work done by Saturday evening.

There may be some short interruption of service as we migrate your data to the new server; we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. But hopefully we do this smoothly enough that you do not even notice!

Changes needed on your side:
We will migrate everything (your website, any databases and mailboxes) to the new server; no action is required from your side. Logins will remain the same.

Hosting IP addresses will change — we will communicate the details directly to our clients before Friday. We will take care of all the DNS entry updates on our side for the vast majority of domains that use our nameservers. If any of your domains use third-party nameservers, then please update your DNS records with the new IP address information after the migration has completed.

Migration status updates:
We will post migration status updates on this page (scroll down).

Questions or problems?
We do not anticipate any problems after the migration. but please do report any problems without hesitation.

Current status
Replacement hardware is being prepared. We will commence migration of service on Friday evening (South African time).

Update Friday 03:30 UTC
Everything is ready to start migration at on Friday at 19:00 UTC (21:00 SA time).

Update Friday 18:40 UTC
Migration has begun and is going smoothly.

Update Friday 22:15 UTC
Migration continues. No hiccups so far.

Update Saturday 03:55 UTC
Migration about 30% complete. Slow (to not drag down the old server’s websites) but smooth as butter.

Update Saturday 13:15 UTC
Migration is 2/3 done. A few hiccups, but got them sorted.

Update 15:45 UTC
If you are seeing a “trial license” notice in cPanel, do not be concerned. We will transfer the license to the new server once migration has completed. In the meantime cPanel will be fully functional.

Update 17:40 UTC
Getting into the final stretch with migration 75% complete.

Update 21:00 UTC
We have migrated all the hosting accounts. We will perform a few clean-up tasks before quickly rebooting in a few hours.

Final words…
If you see a “website has moved” message when you visit your website or if your email has completely stopped working, then there likely is a DNS problem:

  • If you are using a third-party DNS provider (e.g. CloudFlare), then please update your DNS entries with the new server IP address. (Check the migration notice you received by email for the new IP address information.)
  • If you are using the Anno nameservers (the vast majority of hosted domains do), then your computer/phone may still have the old DNS information in cache. (This is not the same as your web browser cache.) We suggest you reboot your device; doing so should clear its DNS cache and allow it to pick up the new server IP address.