Server W-29 Emergency Maintenance – 28 May

Email service has been restored after an earlier problem. Subsequent system software updates have been completed. All systems are normal again.


Problem 11:30 UTC
Received alert that email was not coming through, and website were loading slow. Clients had been experiencing problems with email deliveries for several hours.

Update 11:50 UTC
We are rebooting the server.

Update 12:05 UTC
We are still working on it. Server requires a filesystem check, which takes quite a while to complete.

Update 12:12 UTC
Server is back online. We are working to catch up a substantial email queue. Please allow an hour or so for things to get back to normal.

Update 16:20 UTC
We have identified possible system software problems. As a matter of urgency, we will be performing updates shortly, which will require rebooting the server at least once. During this time access to the server may be sporadic and websites may load slow. We regret the further inconvenience.

Update 18:19 UTC
First of a series of reboots in progress. First reboot may trigger a filesystem check, which could take several minutes to complete.

Update 21:30 UTC
Two more reboots (hopefully quick) to come to complete the system updates.

Update 21:42 UTC
System update completed. The server reports healthy and all services are running normal.

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  1. Chris Reeler
    Chris Reeler 28 May 2024 at 19:42 | | Reply

    Email not working yet again. This is now CRITICAL as I have clients that are involved in the payroll industry and it is month end. Please can this urgently get addressed.

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