Configuring PhpMyCounter is very simple.

Following the installation, navigate to PhpMyCounter in "My Applications" in the Application Installer, click on the admin website and wait until you are prompt to log in. After logging in you'll see 7 settings you can change.


  1. Counter Type: Graphical or Text style counter.
  2. Color Theme: Change the colour of the text and the background.
  3. Counter Length: Change the value to make it display accurately to your specifications.
  4. Counter Size: Select the height and width of the digits. Please note, this is only available if you use the "Graphical" settings in"Counter Type"
  5. Notification: If you would like to be notified when your website has reached a certain amount of views, specify it here. Enable the notification and enter your email address as well as the desired numbers that will have to be reached.
  6. Change Password: Change your password here.
  7. Reset Counter: You can reset all of the settings to default in this tab.


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