Cleaning up a full mailbox with Webmail

If you want to clean up your mailbox (e.g. your mailbox has become for) follow the procedure below:

  • Log in to Webmail:
    • Point your web browser to (replace with your actual domain).
    • Enter your email address (i.e. the mailbox name) and password when prompted.
    • Select a Webmail program: Roundcube, SquirrelMail or Horde.
  • Select the messages you want to delete, and then delete them.
  • In a similar way to Windows storing deleted files in the Recycle Bin, Webmail stores deleted messages in the trash folder. The method for emptying the Trash folder depends on the web mail application:
    • Roundcube: Select Deleted Items on left menu, select all items, Delete messages.
    • SquirrelMail: Select Trash on left menu, select all items, Delete.
    • Horde: View Inbox, click Purge Deleted.

Should you wish to not use the trash folder at all, you can disabled it. More information and instructions...

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