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You received an email with subject "Reminder to verify the accuracy of Whois data for", and wonder if it is spam or even a scam...

A general requirement for domain registration is that valid contact information will be used. (The WHOIS database contains domain contact information.) The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) mandates that the registries for top-level domains (TDL) and some country-level domains (CLD) send at least one WHOIS reminder email per year.  When you receive such an email for your domain, you should action it as follows:
  • Check that your domain contact information is correct.
  • If the domain contact information requires updating, then please log in to the Client Portal at, go to Active Domains, select the domain in question, and update its contact information.
  • If the domain contact information is correct, then you need not do anything. If you send a confirmation email to Anno to say the information is up date, it actually just create noise; we prefer your silent ratification ;)
WARNING: There are bad actors that are sending scam emails about domain renewals and other services. If the message you received does not explicitly mention Anno Internet and/or the Anno Client Portal, then it probably did not come from us. Contact us if you are not sure.

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