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We serve clients from all over the world. The majority of clients reside in South Africa, Canada or the United States, but many are elsewere. For your convenience, we can provide your invoices in Canadian Dollar, US Dollar or South African Rand. When you pay your invoice with a credit card or debit card, your payment is processed with the Stripe gateway in the currency of your invoice. However, when paying by PayPal, your invoice amount is converted to Canadian Dollar for payment processing.

The conversion of PayPal payments to Canadian Dollar happens automatically when you submit the payment in our Client Portal. When performing the conversion, we use the last available noon exchange rates published by the Bank of Canada.

Note that your bank statement will show the payment in your local currency (US Dollar or South African Rand). The amount will almost always differ a bit from the invoice amount because of the following factors:
  • Your bank may be using a slightly different exchange rate than the Bank of Canada.
  • Your bank may perform the currency exchange a day or two later than when you have submitted payment to us.
  • Your bank may add a charge for a payment in a different currency.
  • Your bank may add a charge for a payment to an international vendor.
Suggestion: To ensure your payment is processed in the same currency of the invoice, we recommend you use the credit card/debit card (Stripe) option.

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